Saturday, May 13, 2006

All alone

Thus goes the saying: Mirrors don't lie
Speech is silvern, Silence Golden
Then explain to me, O Truthsayer, why -
There are two of me and not just one?

Alone in truth, alone in reflection
Sad and unspoken, Stolid and still
Staring silently in no direction
Empty of spirit, broken of will.

What I would give to hear them speak
My friends, a decent conversation
But I stare at my future - distant and bleak
Working alone, hoping for salvation

Who's that in the mirror? I turn about,
Find nothing but despair, a mirage, a dream.
Call me crazy - I want to shout
But all I can make is a soundless scream.

Stricken by a stupor of madness.



I am all alone.
I am all alone.


goodwill hunting said...

OZZ OZZ ..kaa ho gaya ?

gapa said...

pain hoteez man akele. N pain.

Blunt said...

oye tussi daro naa!
All are there :)
Hope to see you sometime next sem
Dont get pained either. I faced the same last winter when no one was around

gapa said...

thanks man. the fact that i still have hazaar good friends is the only thing still keeping me alive.

goodwill hunting said...

MAADAR bahan ..itna pain ho ria hai to jaata hoon next weekend ..BATA ..!!!Bikes chalte hain ...

onmyowntrip said...

Arre Fikar not !
You'll get over it ....
Swalpa beer .....
Swalpa sutto (loafing the streets )

Voiceless ... can mean so many things

gapa said...

@blunt: man, wish you were here. life's been downright boring.

@gh: abhi itna time bhi nahin hai ki bikes ke liye ek raat nikaal paaoon.

@onmyowntrip: right now toh swalpa sutta only...