Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My day in lab

7:00am - breakfast
7:25am - ask junta to wake me up at 9:00
7:30am - go to sleep
9:00am - angrily drive away idiots who try to disturb
12:30pm - wake up
12:31pm - check mail
12:35pm - brush
12:45pm - shower
1:00pm - lunch
1:15pm - tarams
1:20pm - feel the heat of madras, reconsider the 1km ride to esb
1:30pm - back in room
1:45pm - quake
3:30pm - reminisce
3:45pm - tarams
4:00pm - sleep

well, time for tarams...


onmyowntrip said...

Sounds interesting
Kindly elaborate on TARARUMS....!

gapa said...

tarams = sutta place behind hostel zone