Monday, March 27, 2006

GMail bug

This just in:

This is a shot of a gmail conversation i had a few minutes back. I never really look at the timestamps with any seriousness, but certain events (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) have altered my perception a bit.

Hmmm, it seems Google's been working on a time machine.


goodwill hunting said...

wow dude ...testing team join karne sepahle hi Bug dhoondh lia..the developers out thr are gonna have a hard time I'm sure .

Blunt said...

Thats gapa for you!!
Take a bow all you nerds cuz gapa are coming to make you feel like....ughhhh what was I saying???

Yeah yeah got it


Mlakarananmamba said...


Abe we know you into G00gle :-)...
aaah did they tell you about that bug in Hyd meet :D

Btw... give yourself a real assesment @ Oh! you 've already given it!!??!

gapa said...

which nerd test?
~85% normally

goodwill hunting said...

abey EK job dila de yaar k ORKUT waali team me testing ki job dila de ..waise bhi mai yahee kaam karta hoon din bhar ...please be

bharath said...

sirjee, yeh bug tho har mailbox mein rehtha hai kya? mereko aise problems nahi aaya, ab thak.

Anonymous said...

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