Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New arrival


goodwill hunting said...

A blog written with pernicious intentions.A blog written to render a known soul to ignominy. A blog blatantly clamouring about impudent behaviour.

This is how banner describes the blog. This kinda blog is prOscribed and not prEscribed for one's well being mind u..

Anyways, The great lascivious ascetic BANNERMAN is goign to set his feet on mailand chennai this weekend...And being a clairvoyant, I can envisage u being bludgeoned to smithereeens.....Hence, BEWARE!!!!!!

goodwill hunting said...

29th Feb ,2006

IITian found dead in hostel

WARNING:If you are squeamish, please do not read.

The corpse of a slain IITian was discovered today in a rather horrifying condition in Mandakini hostel,IIT Madras.The student,Mr Aditya Pandey was a 5th year electrical engg. student staying in room no. 207 of MANDAKINI hostel.
The body was found lying tied to the only bed in the room and a sight at the body can scare the daylights out of anybody.
The murder was committed in a rather strange way. The boy was tied to his bed, his ass was ripped apart.A deflated football was inserted in the already torn ass and then the ass was sealed with only the air tube popping out. The assailant then went on inflating the bladder till it burst due to exceesive pressure. Consequently, the already bloody was ass was also blown apart and the student succumbed to injuries within 5 minutes.
The incident has been reported to be the most gory crime ever in the history of the IITs. The police have set up a high level probe for the matter but there has been no trace of the murderer yet.
IITians are horrified to witness this kind of a grave murder.Says, RAHUL KOTHARI,a 3yrd yr metallurgical engg student,"Aditya had been receiving unknown threats since the last few days.I'm also extremely scared to see this as I too have been under threats.I dont know when its my turn.I'm really scared". Another student Pranav said ," Yes these kind of incidents are sad, but being at the helm of technology, we should make ourselves technically immune to these kind of acts". He has promised to come up with an "Anti murder gadget" in a few weeks."It'll just require a motor and few sharp blades and of course a person to rotate the blades" says Pranav.

Whatever be the case, this is a really sad incident in the history of IITs and has set a wave of paranoia across all IITians.

goodwill hunting said...

beta ..kitni baar bola hai galat aadmi k saath pange mat le!Fir bhi saala "BANNER-BANNER" khelne aa gaya mere saath. ab LO!!

Blunt said...

First for the actual post then for the mini post
I say gapa has been bannered royally there!!

gapa said...


i totally agree :-)

Agarwaen Mormegil said...

Gapa rocks. Google is using censorship in China. Those commies have been able to bend one of the biggest internet companies of the world. Can't beleive it. Shame to google.