Thursday, November 17, 2005

Winter cleaning

I have to give a seminar on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder tomorrow. I thought I'd finish leeching material off the web by putting a night-out tonight. But what better way to know more about OCD than obsessively, compulsively cleaning up the room?

So after what seems like several decades, I cleaned my room today. Yes, all of it. Even the parts under the bed. Rocky helped me with the heavy stuff. Therefore, I now have a nice, clean room and Rocky has lower back pain and dust allergy.

Needless to say, quite a few unusual things turned up:

  • two socks. Different pairs.
  • one large, green, dead grasshopper.
  • 6+1 (!) computer case side panels. (WTF, I have 2 computers, one which is used to write this stuff, and the other which I have eternally promised to send Banner the following week. One of these has a panel already on.)
  • two rotting fungus-infested t-shirts.
  • three rotting fungus-infested hard disk drives.
  • cheque made out to Rohit Taklikar in April 2004. Not cashed, now outdated.
  • also, Rohit Taklikar's CAT admit card and lots more stuff.
  • two "Operating System Fundamentals", both second editions. Great, wish I were doing computer science instead of elec.
  • one green candle.
  • 300 tonnes of Shaastra-related paperwork. NOTE: mild exaggeration.
  • seven porn magazines.
  • eight metres of twisted pair cable.
  • fifteen packs of free ICs from TI.
  • one lizard that scared the shit out of Rocky.
  • one Rasna in a pouch.
  • three year old canned cheese. They say cheese ages with time. I don't think I'm going to try and test that out.
  • five-year old mixed fruit jam. Now, this is most definitely bad for health.
  • four buckets. I threw one out.
  • three shoe-polish brushes. Unusual, since I don't own any shoes.
  • five empty bottles. 1 beer + 3 vodka + 1 whisky.
  • one cigarette lighter that worked exactly once.
  • thirty-two leaves of expired antibiotics.
  • thirteen certificates for "First place in Choreo", with no names on them. Muhahahahaha!
  • not-too-old cornflakes that I'll have for breakfast. :-)

Other stats:

  • Time taken: 6.5 hours.
  • Floor space cleared: ~15 sq. ft.
  • Cigarettes smoked: 3.
  • Number of items originally belonging to Rohit Taklikar found: 17.

Whew!! I'm tired now. Must sleep and leech info off the net later.


goodwill hunting said...

hey why dont u upload a snap of ur room??
I'd love to see how that junkyard looks now!!

night in shining armour said...


bharath said...

is any hostel room as big a 15 sq.ft. oh my gosh. never knew we had such a huge luxury of space ;)

its a good exercise to clean ur room once in a while. The tired and back pain which follows are not suppose to be taken into account or documented da...

gapa said...

15 new floor tiles were exposed. Therefore, ~15 sq ft.

goodwill hunting said...

abey maa chod ....aaj raat nikal raha hai kya tu?mera compu bhej dena be ..

Blunt said...

Cha bad for me...I thought it was a freaking rat....Rodents and reptiles quite similar I say...

BTW Takli, I still have your check....last year Gamedrome Rs.250 LOL

Blunt said...

One more thing, change that self portrait blog now :D

The before..oops, the dreaded before look has come back to the realms of reality hehe

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